BSC Contract Address: 0x5f00052b8c81a799b4f3bbc9ea2a1b7ecd06fba6
BSC Contract Address: 0x5f00052b8c81a799b4f3bbc9ea2a1b7ecd06fba6

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Status pending
Votes for listing 11/500
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A 6% community fee will fund solar mining rigs to lower our carbon footprint and reward our community. With the use of a 6% community wallet contribution on all transactions we plan to partner with state governments and local utilities to build solar farms that will generate power for crypto mining rigs. This will use the power of blockchain to substantially reduce our carbon footprint as a country as well as generate rewards for our holders from the energy produced. In America alone we produce 4.1 TRILLION Kwh of electricity annually, with only 11.5% coming from clean energy sources. This leaves a carbon footprint of 1.72 billion metric tons of CO2 each year! With Every KW of solar installed (producing an average of 1,300 kwh annually) Our carbon footprint is reduced by 3,000 pounds of CO2. One 2 MW solar Farm alone eliminates 6 million pounds of carbon waste annually! The thing about our project that makes it so sustainable is that the community wallet contributions to these solar mining rigs will provide rewards based on the amou

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