BSC Contract Address: 0xfa4380641db95106d06cf9bd6f77c3060db3673e
BSC Contract Address: 0xfa4380641db95106d06cf9bd6f77c3060db3673e

Status: pending

Votes for listing: 29/500

Votes: 29

Network: BSC

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Status pending
Votes for listing 29/500
All time votes 29
Vibranium is a smart contract (BEP20 token) built   to ease transactions of payments of various items or services. e.g buy a cup of coffee or bag of sweets using Vibra.This is possible through partnering up with various businesses in offering Vibra as points or credit points whenever a customer makes a purchase instead of individual company credits or token. This will bring forth mass adoption as well as create a lot benefits to both businesses and people as it would have created a pool of businesses a person can shop with the earned Vibra points vise versa a pool of both new and loyal customers that will spend the their earned to purchase items of choice

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