BSC Contract Address: 0xbcb3757fa175bf7f9e6445d6e46fc693572e064e
BSC Contract Address: 0xbcb3757fa175bf7f9e6445d6e46fc693572e064e

Status: pending

Votes for listing: 129/500

Votes: 129

Network: BSC

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Status pending
Votes for listing 129/500
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Launched in Nov 2021, Firemoon token is inspired by the

space of firemoon.

It aims to unite all space enthusiasts and NFT collectors under

the same hood and is on a mission to bring crypto to the

average person while also helping people around the globe

gain access to fresh and clean water.

The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain to ensure that

transactions run smooth and cheaper than on the Ethereum


The team is dedicated to maintaining a safe level for this

project and therefore the Liquidity is locked for 6 months,

there are also no team tokens, team has bought the tokens as

everyone else.


Firemoon is a blockchain gaming ecosystem & metaverse where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay. What could be better than making money by playing an interesting & fun game? Based on the concept of Play & Earn, players will be able to collect $Firemoon tokens and buy exclusive in-game features and NFTs on Firemoon NFT Marketplace. The first game "Firemoon world" is available in Q3/4 in App and Desktop version, more levels and more games incoming and a huge marketing strategy.

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