BSC Contract Address: 0x75a6f00ab686388e3a316c978b1a466750f42774
BSC Contract Address: 0x75a6f00ab686388e3a316c978b1a466750f42774

Status: pending

Votes for listing: 12/500

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Status pending
Votes for listing 12/500
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TipTok aims to become the cryptocurrency of Social Media. Fans can use TipTok tokens to tip their favourite content creators across social platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. Let your most passionate fans support your creative work.A few days old project and already 22x, now consolidating ready for the next leg up!????Massive News: Jake Paul�s best friend - Jon Marianek joined TipTok. Jake Paul likely to join next!????????200BNB Unicrypt Presale filled in 2 seconds!!!Amazing opportunity for Streamers and content creators to leverage their Social Media presence and turn their social media profiles into a new source of income by having their work appreciated by fans around the world. They can simply add their wallet address and QR code to their social media profiles/bios, under every video/post, and have fans reward them for their creativity by tipping them with TipToks. Think of it as the Patreon of crypto but across all platforms.

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